Digital 5 Streaming Media Server Project


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Layered Screenshots

Replacement Software for GoVideo Systems

We are developing a replacement to the multimedia server software included with the GoVideo and Gateway Networkable DVD players. This software is designed to be better organized and more user friendly. In addition, this software is being developed to support more formats than the original program. We also hope to release versions for additional platforms, including Mac OS and Linux.

Development Status

Reverse engineering of the protocols used by the systems that will be covered have finally been identified. Information about the specific protocols can be found on the documentation page. In addition, the formats of most of the audio and visual feeds have been identified.

The project structure has changed slightly, moving from PASCAL 5.0 to Java 5 with some native C code to process the video feed. The licensing of the project is also being changed to LGPL and Sun Public License due to the patented nature of MPEG encoding and the extensive use of Sun-provided frameworks (including JMF and Sun Web Services for SOAP/XML).