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Privacy Policies

We take all possible measures to protect the privacy of visitors to this web site. To protect the privacy of our site visitors, we have developed several policies regarding data collected from site visitors.

This page contains full information about all of our privacy policies. If you have any questions on these policies, please contact the webmaster via e-mail. Please make sure your inquiry is as detailed as possible to ensure a prompt and accurate response.

Policies Regarding Data Provided By Browsers

When visiting a web site, browsers provide certain user-specific information to the web site being visited. This information can be stored and tracked by the web site, marketing companies, and the company hosting the web site.

The only information from web browsers that we record is your IP address. This information is recorded only to track the number of visitors to this site, and is not used for any marketing or sales use. This data is not provided to any outside companies.

Please note that this site is hosted by another company, This company may have other policies regarding information collected from visiting clients. For full information, we recommend that you check their privacy policies.

Policies Regarding Tracking Cookies

To track visitors to web sites, and to track web site usage and membership or account information, many web sites use tracking cookies to maintain visitor specific information that can be maintained from visit to visit.

This web site does not use tracking cookies for any reason, and does not gather or track data in this way. No such data is collected, sold, traded or transferred as a result of the use of tracking cookies.

Please note that this site is hosted by another company, This company may use tracking cookies to gather information from site visitors. For full information, we recommend that you check their privacy policies for additional information.

Policies Regarding Data Submitted on Forms

To give users a way to provide information and feedback to the owners of the web site, web sites provide forms that users can use to enter and submit information. This details our policies regarding information collected from these forms.

This web site does not contain any forms.

Policies Regarding Data From E-Mail

This site contains e-mail links to give users a way to contact the webmaster. Any information contained in e-mails to the webmaster is treated as confidential, and is only used to respond to the contact. This information is not sold, transferred or traded to any other entity, except as neccessary to appropriately react to the contact, or as may be required by applicable laws.


Please be aware that there are other entities that may be able to view information that is being sent between visitors and this site. This includes, but is not limited to the Internet Service Provider of the visitor, the hosting company of this site, and other Internet Service companies.

In addition, e-mail and form data may pass through servers belonging to other entities. These other entities may have the ability to view the data that is being shared.

These outside entities are beyond our control. Usage of data that they have access to is not under our control.